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Profile: Maan Patel

Hi, my name is Maan Patel. I am 14 and a freshman at Monroe Township Highschool in Monroe, New Jersey. I am a varsity cross country and track runner, so the park is a very important place to me. I go on trail runs in the woods with my friends, discovering new paths everytime! Although the park I run in, Thompson Park, is rather clean, it is not as litter free as it can be. On some runs, I can see water bottles, soda cans, bandages, candy wrappers, and etc. These things make my experience at the park less enjoyable.

Climate change is truly one of the greatest threats to the human race there is. Climate change can lead to sea levels, extinction, and economic catastrophe. As humans it is our duty to preserve the Earth for ourselves and future generations for better quality of life. This is why we need to bring awareness to climate change and ways to stop it.

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