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Profile: Logela Martine

27, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya

  • I would like to connect with other professionals and specialists from all over the world and learn more on the mitigation measures for climate change.

  • My name is Logela Martine from Kenya. I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from Egerton University. I am from a marginalized community (Maasai) where the impact of climate change is strongly felt since we're pastoralists who mostly depend on livestock for our livelihoods. Throughout my entire life there has been frequent droughts, vegetation drying up, rivers drying up, fluctuating temperatures which I perceive to be climate change. I am particularly interested in Youth and women's empowerment, Sustainable Agriculture and Climate change. I am the Co-founder and director of Ewang'an Community Based Organization, an upcoming CBO, that derived from "shedding light to the community" as the name suggests. I would like to be a change maker both locally and globally.

  • At my home place I planted 5 trees regardless of the fact that there was no water but I chose to walk for several kilometers each and every day to get water for watering my plant which later set a good example for other people in the society. What motivated me most is the desire to see a changed world.

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