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Profile: Lilan Dayananda

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

24, Organization: Elzian Agro LLC & Earth Restoration LLC, Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • As a young social tech entrepreneur, I strongly believe in rapid digital inclusion in sustainable development efforts. Young generations have to generate innovative technology-based ideas that can apply directly to agriculture, environmental & wildlife conservation, climate action and green finance. Youth must actively build a partnership with organizations such as FXB and programs such as FXB Climate Advocates Program to support every economic sector and contribute to climate action resilience.

  • I believe the FXB Climate Advocates Program will be a springboard for equipping me with a global youth network that enables me to unleash myself to a whole new level along with my social-tech initiatives that focus on climate action.

  • Hopefully, FXB Climate Advocates Program will connect me to valuable advisors, mentors, and specialists in my industry.

  • Lilan is a Commonwealth Youth Awardee for Excellence in Development Works in 2022. He thrives on his startups to utilize the newest technologies like the IoT, automation, ML, AI, blockchain, mobile & web applications to optimize the utilization of limited resources.

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