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Profile: Lara Bozay

My name is Lara Bozay. I’m a senior at the French school of Brussels.

My father is a diplomat so I’ve been living in different countries all my life. I was born in the United States, then I moved to Turkey, Israel, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Serbia, and now I live in Belgium. 

Due to my frequent changing of countries, it was easier for me to notice how some countries do more and some do less to address one of the biggest problems of our century: climate change. The biggest crisis we as humanity are currently facing is being ignored. Since the people who are responsible for this crisis aren’t doing anything to help, it is up to us to act!

When I heard about FXB, I instantly knew that I wanted to contribute to this amazing project. By recycling, avoiding single-use products, practicing zero waste, I am aware that I am doing a bare minimum. But if we combine our efforts, I am convinced we can make a change! We must! It is the only planet we have!


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