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Profile: Lamis A. El Khatieb

University of Essex, UK and originally from Cairo, Egypt

2020 Environmental Architecture and Urbanism graduate - Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. MSc Environmental Futures with Climate Change student at the University of Essex, Colchester, UK as part of the British Council GREAT Scholarship for Sustainable Futures and Climate Connection Program. I have worked as a part-time Media Creator/ Web Developer/ Teaching assistant/ Summer Training Instructor at Ain Shams University and Smart and Future Cities Laboratory for Sustainable Urban Solutions, I also worked as a freelance Interior Designer/ Graphic Designer/ Urban Designer for the past year.

I tried to encourage people to cycle more and showed them the different opportunities available and tried to teach how to cycle as well in Eco-festival, Colchester. Working with the carbon literacy project to educate people on how they can change their lifestyles to have less effect on the environment and to integrate our acts within the ecosystem. On the international level collaborating with the UNDP to propose the policies and submit a research to enhance the climate action and find better solutions.

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