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Profile: Keshav Sheth

Hello! I am a high school student who has a love for math and science and I desire to become an engineer when I am older. I have a strong passion for the environment and I want to do my part to help save our beautiful planet and to overall educate others on what is facing the planet. When I am not focusing on school or the environment, I love to be outdoors, as it gives me a sense of peace. I enjoy hikes, playing tennis, playing basketball, and overall, just hanging out with my friends and family outdoors.

I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I want to work with like-minded people on a topic that I am passionate about. This would give me an opportunity to dive deeper into climate change and to do more to help our Earth. There is a lot of work that needs to be done in this sector to initiate change, and I am ready to embark on that journey with those who share the same goals as me.

Someone who works on climate change that inspires me is the environmental science teacher at my school, Mr.Cappucio. He does not let his age stop him, as he continues to inspire the new generation to take action against climate change. He was my mentor in the environmental club, and his determination, perseverance, and passion sparked my interest in this issue. It is truly wonderful to interact with him, as he has a fountain of information which he shares with pure enthusiasm, he honestly does have a love for teaching. During one of the meetings, he was talking about retiring from teaching, and he was telling us how he asked the principal if he could still be a club mentor even if he wasn't teaching. This just shows how much he truly loves sharing his information with others, even if he isn't in the condition to be a traditional teacher.


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