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Profile: Kate Wexell

18, University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri

  • I am a current journalism student looking to specialize in environmental journalism. I personally believe that climate change and other environmental issues are the most pressing topics to discuss and that the only way to move forward is through educating the public.

  • Currently, I am enrolled in an environmental ethics class where I discuss these topics with classmates. This has perpetuated the dread of the dilemma between conservation and economics: all conservation efforts require funding and new technology is expensive, so therefore the economy won't solidly work to transition to more eco-friendly technology and output, but without doing so, the world will collapse due to natural disasters. The economy will only forcibly change with government interference, which reduces the economy, job potential, and personal freedoms in the open market.

  • What I've come to the conclusion of is that the best way to move forward is for the consumer and voter base to push for a reallocation of funds within companies and government sectors so demand will naturally call for more green technology and solutions to be developed. But the only way that we can reach that conclusion is through education of the general public.

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