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Profile: Jonadab Christopher

27, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike

My name is Christopher jonadab maduabughichi from Abia state, Nigeria. I am a Bsc holder in Environmental management and Toxicology from Michael okpara university of agriculture umudike, Nigeria. I am an SDG advocate and environmentalist. I am so concerned about the health and safety of people as well as a safe environment both for humans and animals. I am a speaker and find pleasure in teaching and impacting others, especially the young. My long term goal is to give my best in achieving Net-zero. Growing up, I have seen and felt the effects of climate change on the environment and around me. I believe that if people are really informed and measures are put in place, climate change effects can be reduced. I am so interested in joining the FXB Climate Advocates as it will grant me the opportunity to achieve my long time goal of contributing in achieving a safe environment and reducing the effects of climate change. Carrying out my National youth service scheme in Warri Delta state, I took out time to educate young students about the environment, in fact I decided to teach the subject Geography. I also organized a tree planting project. I felt so happy after doing all this and want to do more.

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