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Profile: Jomari Martinez

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I am Jomari Martinez, JOM for short. I lived in a small town where I was trained to become responsible and humble. I am an active student leader, a selfless person and an advocate by action. I believe that one day, I can be a good role model to younger generations. I am fan of doing things that I like. I am always willing to take the risk in every situation that I am dealing with. My dream is to travel the world. I may not have a superpowers like Superman or Batman, but I know in my heart that my passion will be my greatest strength to fulfill my dreams to become a superhero, not with super powers but a superhero that is able to help, inspire and change others in the way that they will become better. #SuperJom

I joined FXB CA to enhance my capability as a youth advocate. I believe that there are more things that we must conquer as people and I know that this will be a perfect avenue for me to expand my advocacy on the environment, sustainability and change. I believe that we can make change regardless of how big or small it is as long as we are doing this for a common good.

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