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Profile: Jin Tanaka

25, Kyushu University

  • By participating in this project, I hope to be able to present specific opinions on climate change issues based on regional characteristics by presenting my views on environmental issues in the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, by working on the climate change crisis not simply as an environmental issue, but as an economic and political issue, I hope that young people will not think about the climate change issue, but that society as a whole will address the climate change issue, and through all approaches, including institutions and technology, will be able to present economic and We want to present a rational opinion.

  • Jin is working to build a system in the Asia-Pacific region where all sectors can work together against climate change by treating the climate change crisis as an economic and political issue, rather than simply an environmental problem.

  • My activities for local communities and the environment have included the conservation of local biodiversity through the use of tree planting and coastal cleanups, and the promotion of a new framework for youth participation in environmental conservation and climate change action through the presentation of specific opinions at international conferences. I am also working to build a youth engagement framework based on the UN framework by conducting bilateral dialogues at UN conferences.


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