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Profile: Jenny Xu

From elementary school, I was nurtured to care about the environment and taught about global warming and pollution. My friends and I would participate in the recycling program at our school during recess, and we collected recycling from classrooms and brought them to the cafeteria to be rinsed and sent away. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, where I lived by the ocean and mountains with lush forests, I formed a connection with nature that will last a lifetime. I went camping on a beautiful island in the area every year with my school, and some of my best memories were at camp, where I bonded with people and nature. I still fondly recall spotting whales on the ferry on the way to camp and singing songs about nature by a toasty campfire while being surrounded by my childhood best friends. The beauty that I saw and the peace that I felt while kayaking as the sun set, with no sign of civilization in sight, is indescribable, and I will always remember the time that an otter climbed onto my kayak.

Upon moving to the U.S., my love for nature never left, and I want future generations to be able to experience the same things as I did. I still have countless more memories in nature that I could truly talk about forever, but I want to keep making new memories and explore all of this planet’s natural beauty. After being introduced to FXB’s climate initiative, I was drawn in by how passionate and inspirational everyone’s desire to fight climate change was. I look forward to working with this group to incite real change and action within our communities. Joining this group will become is a part of my role in protecting the Earth for future generations and all of the other incredible life forms on this planet. Our generation is universally united in this fight, and we will be the ones to change the future of the world. 


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