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Profile: Jeffry Edaño

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Hello climate advocates! I am Jeffry Edaño. I am Twenty-two (22) years old and am currently a third year student at Cebu Technological University– Tuburan Campus, taking up Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM). I am from the Philippines and I am proud and loud to say that I am an environmental enthusiast. I started to become a climate advocate when I was nine (9) years of age. It started when I gradually witnessed how our climate changed over the years and I realized that I need to do something or we need to do something to prevent the worst to come. Other than that, I also love participating in climate movement activities in my community and doing clean-up drive activities near at the sea because in my country, there are lots of plastics swept at the shore. Additionally, I also love planting mangroves by myself. Yes, all by myself because I do believe that if you want changes, you don't have wait other to do it with you. I know that small contributions have always had a huge positive impact on our environment. To know me more, there's this interesting fact about me and that is that I used to gather young youth in my community during our free time just to teach them the value of protecting the environment. I inculcate in them that their voice is important and their contribution is highly needed, especially in this era where there are lots of negative factors that gradually destroy our ecosystem before our naked eyes. Moreover, I also keep an eye to those folks who used to cut down trees without replacement in order to protect what I have planted. I have also put friendly reminders in every big tree in our community to make people realize that a single tree is very important.

One of the main reason why I want to join FXB Climate Advocates because I am an Environmental Enthusiast. I support the protection of our environment by any means. Moreover, I also want to gain knowledge and develop my existing leadership skills by being one of the climate aspirants of this Global Youth Climate Summit. Thank you!

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