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Profile: Ivy Buonanduci

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

School: Swampscott High School

Hi! I'm Ivy, a filmmaker at RAW Artworks in Lynn and I am passionate about the planet and climate, currently planning to make a film combining the two. I am excited to hopefully have this opportunity to learn more about what I care about, as well as applying it to my film and life.

I have always loved the earth and next year I'll be applying to colleges with my major being Environmental Sciences and/or Geology. My goal for my career is to be a park ranger, and with that, inform visitors about the climate and what we can all do to help, even if it is in small ways. I am currently Co-Leader of the conservation sect of my schools OACC, or Outdoor Activities and Conservation Club. I actually learned about this program from one of my peers in that group and was immediately interested. Getting to be a part of a group where I will learn more about climate advocacy, solutions, and science is something that I would love to be a part of, it will prepare me for my life long goals, and is something I am passionate about but don't have access to in my school's classes. It will also help me in my filmmaking, another passion of mine, where I am planning to make a film about Yellowstone and what we can do to help our national parks. Combining my existing park knowledge with what I can learn in this group will help me succeed as a climate advocate in film and throughout every aspect of my life. Overall, I am interested in this group because I want to expand my knowledge on climate issues and become an advocate in my community as well as using what I learn here to influence what I do in life, such as film or day to day.

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