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Profile: Harry Justice

Updated: Apr 26

I’m a junior at the Berkeley Carroll school in Brooklyn, and I live in Jersey City. I care and am passionate about the climate crisis and environmental issues because the climate and the environment are all we really have. When you trace back every part of our lives, and almost all other life on this planet, it is dependent on the health and wellbeing of our environment. It also just feels wrong that we as human beings are essentially deciding the fate of all other life as we know it on this planet as we continue to cascade down the hole of environmental degradation. This issue also intersects in a lot of ways with other social, political, and economic justice issues, and climate and environmental issues have a lot of potential to bring equity and justice to many different people. Personally I’m passionate about sustainable agriculture, environmental policy, and environmental racism and equity. I joined FXB Climate Advocates because I saw the resources that Karina was giving Olivia and I while we ran our Environmental Action Team at our school, and I thought getting involved would give me even more opportunities and resources, and help me grow and learn how to really be an advocate and activist. I had a lot of ideas and research, but I had never really known exactly how to approach those ideas and manifest them in ways that were meaningful and helped advocate for what I was passionate about. So I thought joining FXB would be a great opportunity to connect to other young people who had similar opinions, ideas, and passions as me in order to really learn and grow from each other.

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