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Profile: Hannah Mathenge

23/Taita Taveta University, Kenya, Africa

  • I want to learn more about climate change and justice and how to combat climate change

  • Hannah Mathenge is a young youth marine conservationist, a climate justice advocate and a wetlands conservationist. Working to conserve our oceans and youth engagement in marine conservation and climate justice. Hannah is an ardent conservationist in the fight against plastic pollution, mangroves restoration and seagrass restoration. She is the vice chair of the wetlands conservation organization where we make sure to restore our wetlands including the swamps, mangroves , sea grass and restoration of the carbon markets. Being a passionate environmentalist Hannah seeks to accomplish her project on management of plastics pollution through microbes and recycling to provide clean energy supply to the Kenyans. She's a dedicated young lady that seeks for change for a better planet and future by creating her own youth organization that will help in creating more awareness about climate change and floods and food shortage and measures they can take to prevent this.

  • I have done some various projects on plastic recycling and degradation using microbes

  • Youth mobilization and empowerment om climate justice using Workshop

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