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Profile: Glory Kathure

24, Kenyatta University, Kenya, Africa

  • I want to learn more and connect with other young people across the world.

  • Glory is a teacher by profession who is more passionate about women and youth empowerment and most importantly Climate Justice. She has a six year experience in engaging with women and youth in matters of environmental conservation and climate change advocacy. Other than that, she has carried out several community outreach whereby she serves as a community educator in Isiolo County, Kenya.

  • I come from a pastoralist community and during the drought period male members of the family relocate with the animals while mothers and young ones are left behind with nobody to fend for them in the middle of droughts. To ensure there's food, I was able to help them get chicken and adequate food, establishing an organic kitchen garden to help have adequate food supply and also planting fruit trees which supplements their diet. Having a sustainable source of food has been my greatest achievement.

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