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Profile: Giuliana Cardinale

Updated: Apr 26

15, Phillips Academy Andover

  • I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I want to make a positive impact in my community regarding the climate crisis. As a member of a younger generation, I feel it is essential we learn how to advance better policies, as we are going to have to deal with the negative repercussions of this crisis in the future.

  • Growing up in New York City, I have loved exploring and learning about the other cultures, perspectives and people around me. In contrast, I also love spending time in nature, exploring, hiking, spending time with animals, and creating art involving the natural world.

  • Two friends and I came together to co-found an Environmental Awareness and Sustainability Website at my school. We created this website to make credible information regarding climate change more accessible to both our peers and teachers. The information we deliver includes important climate news, sustainable lifestyle tips, ways in which to contribute to efforts and fun activities. We spend time researching together every week so that we can update our website every Friday and make sure that we are citing reliable, cutting-edge sources. Through our website, we hope to help spread awareness about divesting from fossil fuels and are working towards petitioning the school to switch to cleaner energy sources and be more conscious with their investments. We also help organize bake sales to raise money during the height of the Australian wildfires, as well as book swaps to promote sharing books instead of buying new ones.


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