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Profile: Gasore Mugwaneza

22, African Leadership University

  • I'm interested in FXB Climate Advocates because it has a good mission, and also I'm passionate about reducing the rate of climate change, starting from my host community to the whole world.

  • I'm a Congolese male refugee residing in Rwanda and a university student at African Leadership University; before coming to the university, I worked as a community mobilizer in the camp for child protection in communication skills. I am good at English with computer skills, and I'm passionate about protecting the environment.

  • Honestly, there is no great change that I made right now due to a lower level of skills in the techniques used and a lower level of income that can support me in different projects aimed at conserving the environment but the simple thing I have made is that I helped my community to get some trees to be planted in their house to purify the gas in the atmosphere and also some advocacy at my level and I hope that this will help the community directly or indirectly but if I got the opportunity of being selected I will have a great impact in my community because you know in refugee camp people are tightly closed and wasting increase in the society so if I get the opportunity it will spark the mission I have.

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