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Profile: Gabriella Sampaio

I’m a student who is interested in the environment and helping stop climate change. Aside from science, I enjoy reading and learning about different animals. I’m always looking for new ways to recycle and save energy! Passionate, driven, and creative are words that describe me.

People in Ecuador are not aware of the damage climate change is doing, so I would like to understand what is really happening and how to be heard. I would implement the skills I learn in FXB Climate Advocates in my school first, and then Ecuador's entirety. I am highly passionate about climate and making a change to help our earth, so I think FXB Climate Advocates perfectly matches my interests.

Someone who is working to stop climate change that inspires me is Leonardo DiCaprio. I remember watching a speech given by him about climate change a couple of years ago, and it inspired me to be more aware of my surroundings. I value his work towards making sure everyone is willing to save our planet, as celebrities are highly influential in today’s world. DiCaprio also has a foundation dedicated to supporting conservation projects, which is an area I am interested in. This summer, I was a mentee for an animal conservation professor, and I understood how important it is to make sure different animals do not become extinct. DiCaprio has made me realize that I can make a change in my community. I have been trying to brainstorm a foundation I can create within my community to help promote recycling and sustainable consumption (which is why I am joining this program). Overall, DiCaprio is not only an excellent actor but has helped me realize the damage we are exacerbating by not making a change. I will like to follow DiCaprio’s footsteps in terms of his honorable actions in addressing climate change and become a respected figure in my community.

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