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Profile: Frederick Laudati

I am kind, thoughtful, caring. I am dedicated to doing the small things that add up to make a difference. I’m passionate and motivated to put in the work to make a positive impact. I play the piano. I love to go outside, whether to hike, walk, run, bike, kayak, rock climb, snowboard. I also enjoy reading because I love learning new things. I read a lot of programming books in my free time.

We only have one world to live in. If we continue in the path we are on, our successors will either not have a place to live or will be living in terrible conditions. I love nature and being outside is a gift that I believe all people deserve to experience. I want the future generations to be able to experience the joy of being outside and not have to suffer from the terrible living conditions that we created for them. I think it is my duty, therefore, to halt humanity’s climate-harming actions and go a step further to reverse the damaging actions of our ancestors. Joining FXB Climate Advocates gives me a way to help make an impact.

Last year I convinced my dad to let me construct a water collecting barrel for the downspout on our house. Doing so means we can use rainwater instead of freshwater to water our plants, decreasing our water usage in the summer greatly. I had wanted to make this change for a while because I saw the potential all of that rain had and thought it was wasteful to use processed freshwater when there was a way to reuse the rainwater for the same purpose. I felt that there was no reason to continue what we were doing just because it was the way we had always done things. I saw a change that could make a positive impact and felt that a positive impact would be well worth it, no matter how much effort making the change required.

The dedication of Patagonia, the clothing company, to doing what is right both by treating their employees with care and taking great efforts to protect the environment inspires me. That a company, whose ultimate goal is to make money, would encourage consumers to buy less from them because they know the best thing for the environment would not be for someone to buy from an environmentally conscious company but for them to not buy anything at all, gives me hope that there are large world players who care about the earth and are willing to put in the difficult work to make positive change.

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