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Profile: Felix Marwuko

25 Year Old FXB Climate Advocate

  • Climate change is affecting everything on this earth. I am a farmer and a climate change activist. I want to learn more about climate change and how positively I can spread the word out as I have already started. Joining FXB Climate Advocates will give me the opportunity to learn, network and collaborate with my colleagues to work together to solve this pressing issue in our world.

  • A farmer, Agent of Change, SDGs advocacy, passionate about climate change and climate Justice, health and safety practitioner.

  • As I have indicated earlier, I am a practicing farmer. I have created this community based project to support my rural community to get something doing with this little effort. Due to the nature of my work, I have no option but to care for the environment, making sure to preserve and protect our natural environment. I have engaged myself in different projects in my community such as youth in tree planting projects, care for our natural water bodies program and many more. Immediately I executed this plan. I feel so grateful to help to nourish our community and impact our environment positively.

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