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Profile: Erika Montes-de-oca

39/Centro Escolar Picacho McGregor, San José del Cabo, Mexico

  • I want to fulfill a project to track plastic waste through an artificial vision to promote plastic recycling and waste separation.

  • I have been an environmental consultant for over 10 years in which I am mainly dedicated to waste management. I am a professional sensitive to the needs of others, who encourage teamwork providing consistency and management. I work methodically but I am also a creative problem solver.

  • My 2017 new year resolution was to become a "zero waste" person. I reduced my waste generation from a 0.01 to 0.0002 m 3 daily and reduced to half my use of fossil fuels. I also volunteer in the Urban Orchard Project to increase the Carbon capture and storage, I am vegetarian, organize bleach clean and promote waste reduction.


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