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Profile: Emily Pan

I'm passionate about climate change and sustainability. I helped Lincoln and other towns pass bylaws, and also was active in passing a carpool program at my school. I also met with the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen, organized cleanups, and spread awareness.

I have always been passionate about the environment and ensuring future generations can also enjoy our beautiful natural world. Global warming is also a huge issue and FXB Climate Advocates help by reducing electricity, composting, and spreading awareness. I also hope I can bring my experience to help FXB and the environment.

When I first joined the Environmental Club in 9th grade, the club was about to disband because there wasn't much leadership and active projects. Last year, the presidents came and we started becoming efficient. I hope to also be an efficient president.

In the Lincoln Town Meeting, I worked with others to pass three bylaws that all passed almost unanimously. I presented the 10-cent bag charge, which is designed to encourage people to bring reusable cloth bags instead of getting single-use bags. A group from another town already asked to borrow the materials to pas the bylaws (notes, slides, research, etc.) so they can pass it in their town, and my club plans to reach out to other schools or towns to help them pass the bylaws so it can make an even greater impact.

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