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Profile: Elena Esken

I’m hardworking, dedicated and a perfectionist in my endeavors. I love learning, Science, animals, and nature. I’m very passionate about the environment and the cessation of climate change. Therefore, I’m working toward a career in Environmental Engineering. Some of my hobbies include making crafts at home, organizing, playing volleyball, cooking, and baking.

I was interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I am deeply concerned about our changing climate. I’m highly motivated by my desire to create a better future for my generation and future generations; without heavily prioritizing climate change, we’re doomed to a future plagued with death and disaster. I’m concerned about the warming of our climate, rising sea levels, the accelerated melting of arctic ice, the number of species going extinct, and the increasing occurrence and severity of natural disasters. I know that with the expert mentorship and teamwork with my peers in the cohort, I can make a difference by helping decrease harmful human activities that contribute to climate change.

Regarding the environment, I convinced my parents to make the change from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy, particularly solar energy. Being only one person, it’s difficult to make a major impact on the global issue of climate change. However, there is still so much that a person can do to help stop climate change. For example, they can switch to renewable energy. Therefore, I wanted to switch our source of electricity from nonrenewable to renewable. In addition, switching to solar energy was the most economically feasible option. It wasn’t difficult to convince my parents to make the change considering the great number of benefits that come with switching to renewable energy. A couple of these benefits include cleaner air, which means healthier people, less water consumption, and overall reducing our carbon footprint.

Greta Thunberg is definitely someone that works on climate change who inspires me. At only fifteen years old, Greta Thunberg, was protesting and advocating for the climate. It’s very clear through her actions that she fights vigorously for what she believes in, which is advocating for the climate, and she doesn’t let anyone get in her way. I also find it very inspiring that at such a young age, Greta Thunberg took the initiative to educate herself on climate change. As a fifteen year old girl, Greta Thunberg’s attitude and worldly impact show me that anyone, given the drive, can bring the change that they want to see in the world.

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