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Profile: Edwin C. Mends-Cole

University of Liberia , Monrovia, Liberia

Edwin C. Mends-Cole is a highly organized, dedicated social worker with proven ability to improve working environment and commit to job responsibilities with strong interpersonal skills, supervise and organize activities and ensure that project goals and objectives are achieved. He has a clear and logical mind with practical approach to problem solving and to see things through completion.

FXB Climate Advocates is one of, if not, the biggest youth gathering that amplifies voices of youth across the globe to finding sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. It, will be the perfect opportunity for networking with colleagues from other parts of the globe. I hope to take full advantage thereof because of my conviction that many of those coming to the forum will have a phantom of skills helpful to our work in Liberia. My aim is to participate in the gathering to acquire learning as well as to share our own experiences from Liberia. It offers the opportunity to correct some of the errors we have made in our own approaches along the way.

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