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Profile: Dynisha Blaise

Boca Raton Community High School, Florida, USA

I was born and raised in Florida. Spending most of my life by water or heading to the beach. I enjoy traveling, exploring, and learning about the world around us. I am not someone who can be completely at ease. Furthermore, I would consider myself a busy bee. Submerging myself into music, reading, or school functions and activities. This summer, I ventured to Costa Rica to learn about Climate Change Mitigation for three weeks. Each week we traveled to different reserves and forests. That same summer, I joined the FAU Pine Jog Environmental Education Center's Climate Resilience Education and Action for Dedicated Youth Ambassadorship Program. An innovative dual enrollment program that gives high school students the tools they need to become informed and powerful advocates for climate resilience in their neighborhoods.

I intend to pursue a bachelor's and Masters degree in Animal Sciences, as well as a minor in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation. As a result of environmental education, I aim to contribute to wildlife conservation. Aiding the animals that have supported Earth's system is my passion.


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