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Profile: Dianah Mugalizi

23, Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya

  • As a suitable next generation climate advocate and leader with extensive experience advocacy, capacity building and community education towards livelihoods sustainability and environmental protection, clean and renewable energy, advocacy and capacity building. I would like to join FXB so that I can use it as a platform to raise the voices of youths and women in my community who are marginalized and are adversely affected by climate change.

  • During the program I want to initiate talks and learn more about the active participation of the youth and women in championing actions against climate change across Africa to save the generations by embracing resilience. I believe through my participation in FXB I will be able to get a mentor who will help me build confidence, motivate, inspire and build hope of youth in Africa and the youths in my country Kenya as well as my local community, through guidance and counseling, empowering them into climate change actions. I will be able to share my experiences in environmental conservation as I learn from my fellow environmental and climate advocates. I look forward to creating partnerships for my local community-based organization to equip youths and women in my community with vocational skills to develop them, advance their knowledge on leadership skills, awareness on environmental protection and conservation. I will fully engage and involve participation of youth in the realization of Sustainable Development Goals while working towards Africa’s Agenda 2063 by strengthening the capacity of my community members to effectively participate in climate change negotiations and the wider aspect of climate governance, through training, facilitating, and sharing of relevant information and experiences learnt in the program. I look forward to creating platform for educating, empowering, and advocating for the youth, young girls and women who are affected by climate change differently in my community so that they have alternative sources of livelihoods with an aim of protecting the available natural resources hence biodiversity conservation through the networks that I will engage with during the FXB program.

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