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Profile: Dhruv Bhatt

17, Bhartiyam International School, Rudrapur, India

  • At the SRI Congress 2022, I was invited to speak about youth empowerment for the climate crisis. As the only youth panelist and the only panelist from the Global South, I highlighted the lack of a link between future climate advocates and existing pro-climate organizations, and the academic community. Young climate justice advocates like myself often find it hard to navigate through school curriculums and community programs that were designed without climate action or social justice in mind. The irony of my climate advocacy is that although I talk at length about local actions, I have only ever worked with international organizations based far away in the Global North.

  • FXB Climate Advocate Cohort is aimed at young changemakers like myself that lack the resources to bring about changes in their immediate surroundings. Through this program, I wish to learn to navigate through and alter systems that are roadblocks to effective youth-led initiatives. Furthermore, I am particularly interested in developing my social media skills because that is the most powerful tool to connect with young people in my state. Finally, by working with young people based all around the world, I wish to identify the local actions or issues inherent in their countries as several climate justice issues stem from similar causes, particularly in the post-colonial Global South.


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