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Profile: David Solano

15/Regis High School NYC, USA

  • A few months ago, my sister Victoria Solano joined FXB Climate Advocates, eventually became an intern, and now is an FXB Climate Advocate Ambassador. I truly admire her FXB work and wanted to follow in her footsteps, helping FXB for the greater planet. About a month ago, I joined FXB Climate Advocates as a media intern, helping create many videos and graphics for their social media. Now, I want to take it a step further and become an FXB Climate Advocate, not only editing but watching the various presentations that FXB hosts, as well as carrying out my own Climate Advocacy project. Overall, I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates to use the resources and learning opportunities FXB provides to continue my climate advocacy.

  • I'm a full-scholarship leader at Regis HS NYC, the #1 US Catholic High School. I am fluent in 4 languages, experienced in media editing, and an avid public speaker through debate.

  • New York City is a melting pot where many diverse cultures, backgrounds, and socioeconomic classes converge. Although seemingly the fundamental example of the American Dream, many who come to this beautiful, yet flawed city fail to realize the environmental racism throughout our country. Thousands of privileged people selfishly ignore fixing the issue of climate change. Yet, others who are underprivileged in our society are unable to address this key issue because of their socioeconomic background. With my Mexican heritage experiencing discrimination as well as seeing the racial socioeconomic imbalances firsthand and the earth is decaying ecological wellbeing, it is a necessity for me to do something to help fix our ignorant society.

  • I am actively giving back to the planet by joining several climate advocacy groups in my community. As a leader of Friends of the Bay, I help conduct regular beach cleanup sessions throughout Long Island. Today, I am working on creating my own nonprofit “AguaCheck†focusing on helping clean Mexico’s oceans and sending pure water to places in need throughout the country. Alongside AguaCheck, I am the Head Media Intern for FXB USA Climate Advocates and a leading member of my school’s eco club. With this dedication to serving the environment throughout the world, I am eager to use the skills and resources I gain from being an FXB Climate Advocate to continue my efforts.

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