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Profile: Daniel Bitensky

Leon M Goldstein HS of the Sciences

I am a first generation American citizen with Ukrainian descent. I play for the FA EURO soccer team and also for my high school soccer team. I love science and participated in my school’s science olympiad team, winning fifth place. I also love math and tutor algebra after school. I am interested in joining the program because I am a person who is concerned about the future of the planet. Global warming is a big problem for future generations and it should concern every person and society as a whole. We can already feel its effects and unless we find a solution, things will only get worse. Ever since my chemistry teacher last year has showed me a documentary on climate change, I have been more focused and concerned about the environment. It discussed many examples of how real climate change is and how important it is to try to conserve and preserve it. Ever since then, I have been considering and searching for different opportunities to make a change, and I think that this might be the one.

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