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Profile: Dani Mendell

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I am a highly motivated student leader experienced in helping others and the environment. I am passionate about working with disabled individuals, and supporting sustainability in the local and global communities.

I am interested in joining FXB Climate Advocates because I am passionate about the environment and the program provides opportunities to share ideas with, and learn from, other students who also care about making our world a better place. Last year, I started an environmental club, called Eco Club, at my high school in Northeast Georgia. Eco Club helps my school and the local community through projects like trash pickups and planting gardens, as well as hosting educational speakers and events. Another interest I have is working with disabled individuals. I believe that everyone can be involved in the care of our planet. I have been volunteering at Extra Special People (ESP), a local organization that benefits individuals with disabilities, for the past five years. This past week, I taught a class about the environment for ESP participants. We planted herbs and made salt dough earth necklaces. In the future, I would love to have an Eco Club class for the special education students at my school to learn about and grow a sustainable garden. FXB Climate Advocates would give me the chance to develop the leadership skills and knowledge I need to implement ideas like this. Right now is a crucial moment in time and I want to take action together, with people of all abilities, to make a difference.

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