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Profile: Cornelius Chen

  • Uganda and Africa at large, are currently facing irregular weather patterns due to climate change and variability which has resulted in longer than usual droughts and extreme rains. This has severely impacted many things on the seemly increasing human population’s life notably; agriculture (food security and nutrition), human health (inadequate access to; clean water and sanitation), while endangering the natural ecosystem (life on land, life below water), and catalyzing of inter-state conflicts over scarce water resources. I am sure the FXB Climate Advocates program aptly suites my career goals, and can equip me with; divergent knowledge, the latest theory and practices in climate policy, and an understanding of the growing complexity of climate change in Environment sector, assortment of skills in new integrated and sustainable water management pathways across competing priorities of water for ecosystems, food, and energy while building upon my multi-cultural cognizance; enhancing the achievement of all the 17SDGs since water is the nexus.

  • I am much eager to share my climate negotiation skills, climate restoration advocacy and design thinking to enhance technologies that are towards restoration of the climate to safe, pre-industrial levels of atmospheric CO2 through hacking ideas inform of synthetic limestone, direct air capture, and marine permaculture aimed at making sure the global climate efforts from the Paris Agreement, European Deal targeting 2030 and the US Climate Restoration Resolutions of 2019 are operationalized.

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