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Profile: Clare Flaherty

16, The Prout School, South Kingstown, Rhode Island

  • Clare Flaherty is a high school junior in the United States and is the founder and director of Be The Change, a 501(c)(3) organization for educational and scientific purposes. Clare is a recipient of The President's Volunteer Service Award (GOLD) and the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for her charitable work. Clare’s volunteer efforts have garnered the recognition of various Senators, House of Representatives and Congressmen. She has been awarded multiple substantial grants to subsidize Be The Change’s mission. Clare is a designated Climate for Health Ambassador (Harvard Chan C-CHANGE) and a Climate Ambassador (The Climate Initiative.) Clare has also served as Class Representative at her high school.

  • Clare believes young women are exceptional, powerful and possess endless capabilities. She is an advocate for equal access to education and experiences. She believes in equal pay and opportunity. Clare foresees a future advocating for women on an international scale while incorporating her STEAM passion, background and experiences. She is excited about her future, the opportunities in college, and a fulfilling career.

  • “I have instituted walks or hikes that are multifaceted. We pick up trash but on a deeper level we connect with nature and each other promoting well being while helping the environment.”


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