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Profile: Chloe Chisholm

My name is Chloe Chisholm. I’m a sophomore at St. George’s School in Middletown, RI. I’m passionate about the ocean and the impact that climate change has on the ocean and on everyone’s life who is connected to the ocean. I’m very fortunate because I’ve always lived near water—I grew up splitting my time between two islands, Manhattan during the school year and Long Island in the summer. And one of the many reasons I am fortunate to attend St. George’s is the school’s picturesque setting on a hilltop overlooking Second Beach and the Sachuest Bay. As I’ve always lived near water, much of my life so far has been spent on water. I love to sail, surf, fish, and wakeboard. A few years ago I became aware that my home, my school, and my favorite places to sail, surf, fish, and wakeboard are at risk of going away at some point in the not too distant future because of rising sea levels. 

It all started when I saw a magazine cover that said something along the lines of “New Report Suggests NYC Could Be Underwater Sooner Than Expected.” At the time, this seemed like a really silly headline because, I thought, everyone would be talking about it if it were real. But then I read the article, and have since read many more. I now know that it’s not a silly headline. I think everyone should be talking about climate change and how we can make more informed decisions about how our actions as individuals impact climate change. 

I want to build awareness for climate change. I want to connect with people who are just as passionate about the ocean and life on the water as I am. I want to discuss how simple decisions in everyone’s daily life, like saving energy by turning off lights and computers when we’re not using them, and like saving trees from being cut down by always printing double-sided, make a positive impact on climate change and rising sea levels. This is why I’m excited to be part of the FXB Climate Advocates team.


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