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Profile: Candy Shantel Sithole


I am a 34-year-old Zimbabwean lady pursuing a post-graduate credential in higher education at Botswana's Botho University. In Zimbabwe, I completed my undergraduate education at Midlands State University. Due to budgetary restrictions, I began my undergraduate studies at the age of 26. Finding well-paying work after graduation has been difficult, so I decided to pursue a postgraduate diploma to improve my chances of landing a solid position. I recently enrolled in an African climate change ambassadors program, which has piqued my curiosity in learning more about the subject. Being a part of FXB will be fantastic since it will expand my knowledge of climate change, which has recently become a focus for me. I am an sociable individual who enjoys collaborating with others. I am a member of the international toastmasters, and one of my strong suits is communication. I'm interested in joining FXB because I've recently gained an interest in knowing more about climate change, including its causes and what can be done to mitigate the difficulties it causes.

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