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Profile: Brooke Warner

I am a passionate environmentalist and an avid surfer. I spend tons of time on our beaches, and I am deeply concerned about the state of our oceans. My love for connection with people and nature drives me to want to protect the things I love.

I admire the founders of 4ocean Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper because they saw an issue, took initiative, and created positive change. I admire that they created a purpose-driven business with a focused goal: to clean up our oceans. Since they started, they've recovered over 16 million pounds of trash and inspired countless people, including me, to make a difference. They were surfers, like myself, who noticed the amount of plastic in the ocean, and with a simple concept, launched a business to clean the oceans. They started by making and selling simple bracelets by recycling the plastic, which built awareness of their efforts. Today, this business gives jobs to local fishermen and boat captains, educates people around the world, and researches the health of marine life. Alex Schulze and Andrew Cooper are an inspiration to all of us. They showed us that together we can make a difference.

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