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Profile: Brittany Shi

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

As a student, I am insatiably curious and protean. As a thinker, I am a visionary, yet pragmatic. As a friend, I am extroverted yet reserved. As a sister, I am annoying, yet loving. As a citizen, I am a high schooler seeking to aid in the regression of environmental damage.

When looking into the future, whether or not everything is changed and climate change is halted in its tracks or we continue to barrel towards environmental destruction, issues will still persist. From contaminated sites to restoration, policies to be adapted, there is so much work that has yet to be done. The environment will always be present and climate change will be pernintent no matter what. There will always be a need for informed people and scientists to mitigate against the future of our planet. Environmentalism is applicable to many fields and sustainable development can be implemented in various institutions and consumers are beginning to demand environmental accountability from companies. Moreover, misinformation and lack of knowledge is a major contributing factor to the deterioration of the environment. As social media has transformed the concept of communication and conveyance and with passionate youth, the distribution capabilities can be fully utilized towards a greater purpose. As secretary and head of public relations of the club Matter of the World, I am able to fundraise and educate the student body on various issues around the world. For instance, we are currently doing a fundraiser for International Justice Mission, an organization partnering with local justice systems to prevent violence against impoverished people. With FXB, I will be able to intersect my interests in climate change and human rights, aiding in the spread of education.

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