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Profile: Bridget Flynn

My name is Bridget Flynn, and I come from a small state called Rhode Island. I’ve grown up near the beach and have found a love for the ocean, and I couldn’t imagine my life without nature. I love to read and dance, and am a strong advocate for environmental change.

I would like to help fight for environmental change, and since I’m younger than the majority it is sometimes hard to find effective ways to do this. I’m hoping FXB Climate Advocates would be a way I could learn and make a change.

Greta Thunberg is someone who inspires me. She is a young climate activist that stresses the need for change in how we address the situation with climate change. She is from Sweden and despite her being so young and her native language not being English, she has given many great speeches about why the climate crisis is so urgent and has held many great campaigns that have helped raise awareness about the issue.

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