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Profile: Bako Patience

22, Makerere University, School of Forestry, environmental and geographical sciences, Kampala, Uganda

  • I am interested in joining FXB to share my experience with other passionate climate activists, and learn about the various ways youth are impacting their community and how one can drive a positive change in their societies that enable the people to protect themselves from disasters especially those that arise due to influence of climate change. I would like to initiate an organization that connects the rural/indigenous people around forests with their forests and environment in a manner that will enhance and develop their livelihood and expand their livelihood strategies.

  • I am a young lady passionate about Community work and in particular environment and livelihood development, I am a hardworking person and creative, and I believe in youth empowerment and participation in climate change advocacy as youth are innovative and can come up with solutions to the societal problems we face. I love leadership and it has enabled me to communicate effectively and embrace the beauty of teamwork. I work under minimal supervision and am good at time and project management. I have planted trees in my home district (Arua) and distributed trees to households in my village for boundary planting, I am an advocate for better education of the indigenous people as I believe once they attain quality education, it could help diversify their livelihood strategies as they will be exposed to new opportunities and this will help eradicate poverty amongst the rural poor especially those living near Natural forests and it could help reduce pressure on these forests for exploitation.

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