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Profile: Ashib Uddin Emo

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I am Ashib Uddin Emo, a 3rd year student from Department of Economics, Jagannath University, pursuing my bachelor's. I am a tech entrepreneur, an educator, and a lifelong learner. I am playing the role of COO at Youth Advancement Institute (YAI) simultaneously.

FXB Climate Advocates is a diverse group of young climate activists committed to protecting our planet. I am a citizen of Bangladesh, where the capital, Dhaka is one of the top cities in the world in air pollution. We have achieved so much economically in recent years, but environmental degradation has also been increased. I want to build a greater future for the future, where there will be no pollution, and we also can thrive economically and environmentally. I want to develop my knowledge on environment by joining FXB Climate Advocates.

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