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Profile: Ariel Vilensky

George W. HEWLETT School

My ultimate dream is to improve the lives of others. I have been a math person all my life, and it has defined many of my pursuits thus far. At one time, I believed math was a collection of concepts, formulas, and logical expressions devoid of humanity. But I've come to realize that first and foremost, math is a critical tool which can aid and serve humanity. It has meaningful real-life applications, and when applied in scientific research, it can help impact multitudes of human lives. My goal is to pursue a degree in data science which will allow me to apply my core strengths to drive a long needed change. I do not know if I am going to be analyzing data from genetic studies or research inherent biases, but I know what my goal is. I want to gain skills that will allow me most productively employ my innate abilities for the benefit of humankind. Climate change is an existential threat facing the humankind. Unfortunately, too many leaders of the present day, in US as well as in other countries, are plagued with short-term thinking. It is up to the leaders of tomorrow to force global warming to the top of everyone’s agenda so that our planet can be saved. For the past four years I have been volunteering for Hewlett Community Garden the purpose of which is to maintain sustainable vegetable garden with the intent of providing food for local food shelters and preserving the environment. Interning at FXB Climate Advocates would afford me a much more effective way to make a difference. It would give me both skills and the platform to promote focus on climate crisis. I would continue to carry that torch throughout my life – to college, community, and future workplace.


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