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Profile: Aqilla Izzi

26, Universitas Nasional

  • I envision the future of environmental and climate justice work in my country to be more inclusive and accessible for women, girls, and young people, particularly those marginalized and impacted by disasters and prolonged crises. It's also critical to place young people at the forefront of the negotiation and decision-making process rather than as part of tokenistic measures. Having said that, climate justice work should meaningfully incorporate youth perspectives. Therefore, by joining FXB Climate Advocates, I expect technical assistance in developing and implementing intersectional advocacy strategies and generating, accessing, and applying information and knowledge on intersectional climate justice with gender dimensions.

  • I am a lifelong activist dedicated to promoting gender equality for both men and women. Gender equality, I believe, has been a critical window into how youths are challenging the patriarchy and injustice system. While at the same time, youth experiences are vital to inclusion in movements for more equal societies

  • In 2019, my friends and I started an initiative named Tubuh Tumbuh. The primary goal is to provide information on SRHR (Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights) while altogether reducing the use of plastic sanitary pads among female students at Islamic boarding schools in Yogyakarta. This project is based on observing female students during menstruation when hygiene is lacking due to the taboo. The educational workshops for learning dissemination and making cloth sanitary pads were planned to give female students a positive experience caring for their personal hygiene and the environment.


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