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Profile: Anna Uehlein

I went to my first climate protest when I was six years old. It was fighting against the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would destroy forests and other natural habitats if it was expanded. I have a photo hanging in my house of six-year-old me sitting on my dad’s shoulders, looking over the crowd of protestors, as he holds a sign that reads “NO KXL.” I can’t say that I remember much from that event, but I can say that I’ve been passionate about climate activism ever since. Now that I’m fifteen I’ve attended many more environmental protests, worked with school clubs to make local environmental change, and helped organize Fridays for Future strikes in the DC area. Outside of climate work I participate in lots of theatre, rollerskate, upcycle clothes, and make jewelry. I’m a sophomore in the Communication Arts Program at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. I hope to use my time with FXB to participate in remote climate activism, advocacy, and education.


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