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Profile: Anna Smith Moser

Hi, I’m Anna Smith Moser and I am a senior at St. Paul’s School. Although St. Paul’s is a boarding school and I live in Concord, NH most of the time; I am originally from Missoula, MT.

Living in Montana gives you no other choice than to love the environment, I’ve grown up in one of the more beautiful places in our country and am incredibly grateful for the surroundings that I have grown accustomed to. Living in New Hampshire is very similar, although the geographics of the two states is very different, I was initially drawn to St. Paul’s because of how beautiful it's campus and outdoors are.

The reality is, this beauty is not a reality. Our globe faces the threats and consequences of climate change on a daily basis. Because of my innate love for the earth, I’ve felt incredibly driven to help protect and keep the planet in a sustainable livable condition for generations to come. By engaging and leading my school's Eco-Action club, organizing movements surrounding calls to greener futures, and working with the Sunrise Movement- I’ve engaged in the things that I can with the hope that I can help make positive change.

FXB is the next step for me to jump in and engage in something more. My hope is that by working with other people who have the same goals for the world as I do, we can make long-lasting impactful changes together.

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