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Profile: Alexandra Williamson

Eximius College Preparatory Academy

I am Alexandra Williamson, and I am a student at Eximius Preparatory Academy. I’ve had a profound interest in environmental justice for about 2 years. Which is embodied through my actions and past involvement with climate change advocacy, being a huge role in my life journey. I am interested in joining FXB climate change advocates because of the recent influx of floods in New York city for the past two years. When these floods happened, I vividly remember my friends and family actively worrying about what was going to happen to their homes. Their shaking voices and uncertain eyes made me realize that the state government could no longer waste money on repairing damages. That we as people, we must stop floods through climate change. I decided that it should start with me. I believe that FXB Climate Advocates will introduce me to networking, communication, collaboration, and leaderships opportunities within the environmental field. Therefore, I can have applicable experience for future opportunities.

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