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Profile: Ahmed Abi Abdi Warsame

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

17, Gulu University, Somalia, Africa

  • This is a one of its kind group and enrichment opportunity which will not only allow me to showcase my efforts but also provide me the opportunity to learn and appreciate the efforts of like minded leaders from around the world. The only advocacy group that will entitle me to supplement my previous work through leaders such as Ms Mamta Borgoyary and Ms Christine Eggs. The program will Provide me with pristine knowledge about climate change and equip me with the resources to take action. Previous program guests like Mr.Nasheed Shafi and MS. Lindsay Cody have been inspirational to me and getting to attend their workshop or webinars would be no less than an honor of a lifetime.

  • I am the founder of the @therippleproject. Youth climate advisor to the govt of rajasthan.

  • The Ripple Project is a Non-Profit directed towards Environmental-Conservation, Climate Action, and fulfilling 7 of the 17 UNSDG goals. Our mission is to create a net-zero waste India by 2030 by convincing schools/corporations to segregate their waste at source and recycle 100% of it, alongside actively publishing books/curriculums to teach the underprivileged about Climate Change, to create a more aware youth. We also advocate for landfill workers; who are forced to work in inhumane conditions.

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