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Profile: Ahmed Abi Abdi Warsame

Updated: Feb 8

Gulu University, Somalia, Africa

Mr. Ahmed Abi Abdi Warsame was born in Mogadishu (Republic of Federal Somalia )and raised in Somaliland (Northern Somalia). In 2008, he was granted a governmental scholarship for foreigners to attend his Bachelor’s (BSc) training at the University of Bahri (Sudan). In October 2020, he was delighted to be granted a RUFORUM@MasterCard. scholarship to pursue his Master’s (MSc) studies. He is an expert in Animal production & Marketing , certified expert in climate change advocacy, certified expert in leadership program, SDGs, and One health. His research interest includes farm animal productivity, Agri-business sustainability, dairy cow resilience, and collaboration and partnership development and networking to the Public & private partnerships at large. he has over 8 years’ experience in One health Approach sector in Africa. As a 2022 FXB climate advoacate fall fellow, He genuinely believes it will direct and promote him develop into an effective climate change advocate who would support sustainable development in Africa and also have a better knowledge of how to communicate ever green agriculture results through climate advocate actions.

In Most Affected People and Areas of climate change (Somalia), The production and export of charcoal – an economic activity that dates to pre-colonial times – has long served to meet local and regional energy requirements as well as provide livelihoods opportunities for many families. Consequently, the trade in charcoal has accelerated threats such as environmental degradation and conflict over the control of resultant revenue.

My evergreen agriculture project is to create a sustainable land management approach that is productive land year-round. this encompasses land management approaches such as farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR) and agro-forestry (AF). As a sustainable land management approach, EVA restores degraded lands by improving tree cover, land productivity, soil fertility and providing a wealth of goods and services.

I would like to work with pastoralists and farmers who are passionate about climate action, from local communities and grassroots organizations to government officials and scientists. I believe everyone can benefit from our work, whether it’s reducing our carbon footprint and finding ways to mitigate climate change or finding ways to adapt to our changing climate. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future for our planet.






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