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Profile: Adelene Chan

I love learning - especially about the real world. Discovering all kinds of issues with the climate to study biology and further learning about other STEM subjects, I realize that somewhere out there is a feasible solution.

My name is Adelene and I am part of the Class of 2022 at the Union County Magnet High School of Science, Mathematics and Engineering. As a little kid, I loved watching Dinosaur Train and Curious George while also painting and drawing anything on anything I could get my hands on. Nowadays, alongside learning deeply into the sciences and noticing relevant applications, I find myself engrossed with engineering. I believe it is the true crossroads between the sciences, mathematics and creativity. With such large scale climate issues surrounding the world, I think engineering a creative solution that is cheap, yet helpful is possible. Starting from locally, I hope that I can develop elegant solutions that are easy to implement and most impactful.

I also love nature - from simply going outside to see the sunset and stars in the night to visiting Yellowstone National Park all the way in Wyoming, I realize there are so many beautiful and most importantly, necessary parts to the world. Every single animal and plant has a place and the climate really affects that. The ocean, the sky, and the land are all affected. I hope that changes with better solutions and more awareness.

Using technology can help us to innovate optimal solutions. I would like to make an impact on energy solutions and find a way to not only more efficiently use existing energy sources but also come up with and research more sustainable and greener alternatives to fuel sources. It starts locally, but I hope to make this a larger effort.

Of course, it is key to not only come up with the ideas but to promote and advocate them to true professionals in the field. I hope to present my ideas and also receive valuable feedback and hone in on an optimal solution. I am also keen on learning more about what other climate advocates and professionals have already done. I am glad to join this wonderful team and keep learning and innovating to learn of and engineer prime solutions.

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