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Profile: Surajo Abubakar Ibrahim

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

I am a Geoscience graduate with more than 100 international trainings on Climate change & global energy transition. My success in these pressing global issues has exposed me to many opportunities and platforms where I am making impacts both in my community and at an international level.

I joined FXB CA because of my passion and deep interest in the global struggle to address Climate change and global warming, and also to satisfy the global energy demand while ensuring environmental sustainability. I believe that the FXB Climate advocates program will gather like-minded people with different academic backgrounds and professional exposure and who are inspired to serve and save humanity from the adverse impacts of climate change and global warming. It would be a great opportunity for me to join the program to reap the benefit of diversity, make professional connections and enhance my knowledge for Climate actions. In view of my strong academic background and professional exposure in the field of Geosciences, Sustainable Energy and Climate change and my dream to pursue my long-term career goals in these very important fields, I believe that this program is an outstanding opportunity to enhance my knowledge for Climate actions and also connect with a global community that will support me and help me to shape and validate my skills needed to succeed in my Green career journey.

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