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Profile: Abdurrahmon Akesire

22, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria

  • Joining FXB Climate Advocates will be an avenue for me to learn and have the courage to build myself and be able to courageously promote the advocacy of the Climate. I also believe that FXB will be an opportunity for me to contribute my quota in making the advocacy of Climate reach out to the people around me, my community, my state and the world at large through the knowledge and information that will be passed on to me. Therefore, joining FXB Climate Advocates is like a dream come true for me as I have so much hunger for the climate movement and of course FXB Climate Advocates is a great opportunity for me to dispense my ability and capacity in advocating for climate.

  • After taking my time to do some research on climate related issues, my love to partake and promote the advocacy of climate change has increased, this led me directly to being a YOUNGO member, the official Youth and Children NGO for UNFCCC. I participated as one of the volunteers in the selection Committee for the just completed ACE Youth Exchange program where 20 people were selected around the world and 20 people from the host country to represent to YOUNGO in Germany . I am also further to being an African Ambassador for HEY Campaign where I also took part in different training sections to help my journey as an Ambassador and recently I participated in planting a tree program in Federal University of Technology, Akure to prevent the felling of trees without planting a replacement. I also participated in an outreach to secondary school to discuss the climate issues and importance of cleaning the environment and also picking of plastics.

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