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Profile: Aaria Prakash

My name is Aaria Prakash. I live in Lexington, Massachusetts, a town in the suburbs outside of Boston. I am currently a Junior at Lexington High School. I have always loved spending time outdoors and enjoying nature. For as long as I can remember, I have been very passionate about climate change. Every summer my family and I traveled to Mumbai, India to visit my extended family; while there, we visited many tourist attractions, one of them being the beaches. I remember asking my parents if I would be able to swim in the water, however, I was shocked to see the enormous amount of pollution and the brownish color of the water. As we continued our travels, the presence of air pollution and landfills was abundant on many streets. Since then, I have realized that I am so privileged to live in a community where pollution is not so prevalent. Unfortunately, the reality is others are not so privileged, this truly opened my eyes to the damage of climate change. Everyone should be aware that we face threats and consequences of climate change on a daily basis. Ever since I have been trying to do my part in preventing this from becoming a reality in my community and others.

Once I began high school, I found that other students were passionate about advocating for climate change in my community. We proceeded to form an environmental defense club at our school. In this club, we have made strides to encourage the Trump administration to reduce carbon emissions and in the future ensuring the Biden administration fulfills its promises made in regards to climate change through a writing letter campaign. On a smaller scale, I have organized small cleanups around my highschool to rid any trash laying around as well as an expo marker initiative and plan to work on more in the future. I found that through this club, I was able to not only educate other students at my high school on the effects of climate change but also further my knowledge. After hearing about FXB Climate Advocates, I was instantly interested in the cause and knew I would be able to contribute to this project. I look forward to working with people who are just as passionate as I am and making an impactful change in our world. I am so excited to work with FXB Climate advocates and see the difference we are able to make in the world.


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